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Service ACE / ACI / E-Manifeste

 Account opening
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   24/7 24/7 365 DAYS


E-Manifeste ACE-ACI

Transport Service



  E-Manifest Preparation   Service ACI / ACE Fax to               Brocker Included

We work with you to find the best for your business

  We become your office

          Your Associate

             Your friend

      and a winning team

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Success Projects


Your success is our priority, because it is what measures our success.

Our project at JC Liaison Inc. is to adapt to your needs, to build solid links with our partners, to avoid unnecessary hierarchies and to bet on the quality of our services.

Transport is Teamwork and I am from your team!

Many companies today are struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change.

                                  At JC Liaison we are moving forward!

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Transport the Passion of a Lifetime


30 years ago I was a cook at my father's restaurant

and every day truckers came to eat and talk about their superb profession which is Transport.


One day Mr. George Léger of Léger Transport said to us: You should buy a truck and come to California with us!

And yes, you can guess that I made the jump with my first truck!


Since that day I have Drive, Repaired, Cleaned, Maintained, Dispatched, done all the Transport Management and even Assembled a small fleet of 8 trucks.


Now that I can no longer drive my toys and after having had all the miseries in the world with my health for 5 years, I decided to help my colleagues in their trade and open an office to allow them to benefit from my experience.

Transportation is Teamwork and I'm from Your Team.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Jean Chagnon

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Vos informations ont bien été envoyées !

Jean Chagnon
32. Filiatreault
Qc,Ca J6S 4W8
​Tél : 1-450-377-0022
Fax: 1-866-801-6229


Monday  Friday: 24 hours

Saturday: On Call

Sunday: On Call

Thank you for your visit

Thank you to all my team for your support     

          Welcome everyone to your team


                                                        Jean Chagnon

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